Top-Rev Oil Treatment Newer Vehicles

Top-Rev Oil Treatment Newer Vehicles

Top-Rev High Performance Oil Treatment for Newer Vehicles is designed to be used in new and lower mileage (under 40K miles/65K km) vehicles to provide addition engine protection in terms of reducing friction and wear and protection from rust, corrosion and premature oxidation.  Helps to provide maximum protection even with extended oil change intervals. 

  • Add additional protection to newer engines
  • Reduce coefficient of friction and wear
  • Prevent rust, corrosion and premature oxidation

Can be used when the oil is changed or between oil changes.  With engine off, add contents directly to the crankcase.  Each bottle is designed to be added to 3 to 5 liters of engine oil. 

Product Description

High Performance Oil Treatment for Newer Vehicles is a unique oil treatment, specially designed for “running-in” period. The oil consists of carefully selected base oils, detergents, dispersants and a special run-in anti-wear agent. High Performance Oil Treatment stabilizes the oil in extending the life of an engine and helps clean the deposits, sludge and varnish during warranty period.

Advantages & Uses

  • New Engines for foreign and domestic Vehicles
  • Recommended for high performance
  • Can be used in conjunction with all oils including synthetics


  • Stabilizes oil when top treated with this product.
  • Reduces and dissolves sludge and varnish quickly.
  • Reduces scuff and wear.
  • Excellent oxidation inhibition properties.
  • Provides Anti-wear, EP and AO capabilities.
  • Controls wear and deposits in a new oil.

Test Results: Performance Oil Treatment for Newer Vehicles

Appearance Bright & Clear
Color, ASTM D1500 4.5
Flash pt (PMCC)℃ 140
Viscosity, cSt @40℃, min 169.0
Viscosity, cSt @100℃, min 18.5