Top-Rev High Mileage Oil Treatment

Top-Rev High Mileage Oil Treatment

Top-Rev High Mileage Oil Treatment is designed to be used in older and higher mileage vehicles (over 40K miles/65km) and enhances combustion chamber sealing for less blow-by and improved compression, improved resistance to oxidation and deposit formation and reduced wear. Helps overall engine and oil performance even with extended drain intervals.

  • Help seal the combustion chamber and improve compression
  • Improve oxidation resistance to reduce deposit formation
  • Stabilize the engine oil and improve resistance wear

Use with each oil change or between oil changes. With engine off, add contents directly to the crankcase. Each bottle is designed to be added to 3 to 5 liters of engine oil.

Product Description

High Mileage Maximum Oil Treatment is a premium UNIQUE blend of selected base oils, polymers, components that provide extreme pressure, anti-wear, anti-rust and dispersants that help engine oil extend and stabilize its life and boost the engine oil performance.


  • New, used and re-built gasoline or diesel engines.
  • Recommended for all domestic and foreign vehicles.
  • recommended for modern high performance engines.
  • Recommended for new / rebuilt Engines - 20-25%, 25-30 % in work gasoline engines.


  • Stabilizes engine oil and eliminates any wear and tear in the engine.
  • Improves combustion by sealing and blow-by gases and provides cushion to all engine parts.
  • Provides excellent oxidation inhibition and suspends sludge or soot particles, thereby enhance the drain interval of the engine oil.

Test Results: Extreme Performance Oil Supplement

Appearance Bright & Clear
Color, D-1500 3.0
Flash pt °F 180
Viscosity, cSt @40℃, min 160
Viscosity Index 192
Gravity, API 25.9