Top-Rev Internal Engine Cleaner

Top-Rev Internal Engine Cleaner

Top-Rev High Protection Internal Engine Cleaner is formulated with base oils, detergent and dispersant additives as well as anti-wear and extreme pressure additives to provide safe and effective internal engine cleaning.  Use prior to oil changes to provide safely remove sludge and varnish deposits and provide a cleaner engine environment for the new oil.  

  • Dissolve sludge and varnish deposits
  • Provide anti-wear and extreme pressure engine protection while cleaning
  • Allow more complete used oil draining

Use with each oil change.  Start engine and run to normal operating temperature.  Shut off engine and add contents directly into the crankcase.  Restart engine and run for 10 to 15 minutes to provide thorough internal engine cleaning.  Shut off engine and proceed with normal oil and filter change.

Product Description

High Protection Internal Engine Cleaner is a unique multipurpose oil treatment consisting of carefully selected base oils, detergents, dispersants, anti-wear, extreme pressure and anti-oxidant agents. High Protection Internal Engine Cleaner stabilizes the oil in extending its life and cleaning the deposits, sludge and varnish in any given engine.

Advantages & Uses

  • New and Used / Rebuilt Engines for foreign and domestic vehicles
  • Recommended for high performance
  • Can be used in conjunction with all oils including synthetic


  • Stabilizes oil when top treated with this product.
  • Reduces and dissolves sludge and varnish quickly.
  • Reduces extreme pressure, scuff and wear.
  • Excellent oxidation inhibition properties.
  • Provides Anti-wear, EP and AO capabilities
  • Controls contaminants of new oil.

Test Results: High Protection Internal Engine Cleaner

Appearance Bright & Clear
Color, ASTM D1500 4.0
Flash pt (PMCC)℃ 80
Viscosity, cSt @40℃, min 5.0
Viscosity, cSt @100℃, min 1.0